Thursday, 28 January 2010

A Poem For The Perfect Woman

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A Classic Rendering of Some Trees in Caledonia

I whisper and sigh for thee in the Darkness –

Perhaps I should tell thee how I feel…

Loneliness compelleth me away from thee,

Away to a place of Sorrow everlasting;

Of what there was once much, and is now little,

There should be more – seeing thee, speaking,

Verily causing a smile to grow upon thy lips,

Redness across thy cheeks – mirth, however fickle,

Elven purity upon thy elven brow – joy…

I would honour thee forever, and forever serve thee,

Yet I know myself unworthy of thy Grace –

Celebrate thee as I might, thyn Argent brow

Obfuscateth my very Essence – know this, though:

I do adore thee, worship thee, love thee…

Uphill may be the Way to thee, but I shall be thine always,

And I shall never falter.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010