Sunday, 15 May 2011

Problems And Other Problems

P The two-week-long server outage that plagued Pirates of the Burning Sea is over, but I have meanwhile become addicted to Guild Wars, so what little free time my studies allow me is about to become anything but free.
P I suppose that keeping myself distracted might be a good thing at this point, but my wrists are not too happy with the arrangement.
P Oh, get your mind out of the gutter.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Most Absurd Feeling

P A friend of mine is dead.
P I only knew her through facebook, and not that well, but I knew enough to see that she was a kind and gentle person, with a life full of possibilities still ahead of her.
P Perhaps because I have been out of touch with facebook of late, it took me a pitifully long time to learn of what had happened, and I feel that I have no right to feel the way that I do now, but the truth is that tears are streaming down my face as I write this.
P I had thought that perhaps one day that I went to visit my cousins who live in Canada, if it were not too much of an imposition, I could swing by her town for a cup of tea and a chat. That will never happen now. I shall never be graced by the joy experienced by those who had the privilege of knowing her in person.
P Her name was Jessica Martel. She would have been nineteen years old to-day.
P Even if I had not known her at all, I would have been, as I always am, deeply anguished by the disappearance of someone so young, who could have gone on to achieve such great things. The anguish that I feel to see the world robbed of Jessica is far greater, for, knowing the pure good in her heart, and the capacity that she had to share it with those around her, I cannot help but to feel small and hopeless in a world that does not have her in it.
P Even though I barely knew her, I shall never forget her.
P Le ciel nous a volé un Ange.