Wednesday, 8 June 2011


P I was driving along the motorway when my car started shaking and making a repetitive thumping sound, not entirely unlike a train. I took the nearest exit and pulled over, and then got out and saw the tyre. Gah.
P After a very nice man helped me replace this mangled wreck with the spare, I made my way to the tyre place, where they got me a used tyre that shall have to do until tomorrow, when they shall receive a brand new set of four. Everything resolved itself quite well, but I was left a bit shaken.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


P My mind was telling me nothing, apart from what it always does, and that was in accordance with my heart, which is always a good thing (?); so I voted with my heart, and am all the happier for it.
P Not that there was much of a choice - the first alternative was the only alternative; all others were, and remain, meaningless.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Pour Jessica

L'Élégie de Massenet.
Ô doux printemps d'autrefois,
Vertes saisons,
Vous avez fui pour toujours!
Je ne vois plus le ciel bleu;
Je n'entends plus les chants joyeux des oiseaux!
En emportant mon bonheur,
Ô bien-aimée, tu t'en es allée!
Et c'est en vain que revient le printemps!
Oui, sans retour, avec toi le gai soleil,
Les jours riants sont partis!
Comme en mon coeur tout est sombre et glacé!
Tout est flétri! Pour toujours!