Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Why Monarchy

I did not choose to be a monarchist. Political ideology (argh, what a woeful sound to that phrase) is not something that one chooses. In my early teens, as my personality and my judgement formed, I simply gravitated towards it, until one day, much to my surprise (a happy surprise - it is who I am, after all), I realised I was a monarchist. If it was a surprise at all it is because however much my countrymen like to complain about the status quo, what they like even more is to close their minds to all that is not the status quo, so those of us with a proper intellect have to get there by ourselves, and those poor souls without one never do.

Why monarchy? Probably because it is the only thing that does not elicit from me the question "why this?". It is legitimate, it justifies itself.

Happy Birthday To Me

Getting older is... meh.
Oh, and this month marks ten years since moving to Ericeira.

Friday, 14 September 2012


P Much has changed in these past few years, and much has remained the same. I've learnt things, which is always nice, but I've had a taste of the real world, and it tasted horrible. It seems that there are things in life which are difficult and unpleasant for no apparent reason, and efforts to make them better drain resources and prove themselves ultimately fruitless.
P Still, I have hope that I shall be able to carve myself a niche away from the nastiness. Fortune awaits...