Tuesday, 12 December 2017


The remaining canary of the pair I gave my aunt and uncle when they came to this house has died.

Friday, 30 June 2017


Light starts to shine upon the faces of buildings, but the streets are still in shadow.

The city is not yet awake. I can hear my own footsteps.

This is fascinating.

There are very few people about. The air smells fresh and full of promise.

I am reminded of Pedras d'el Rei, long ago, with my mother and my aunt.

There is string on the ground. All in Portugal know this string. Letters come tied in it, and the postmen just drop it anywhere.

I wonder if it is like this anywhere else...

I marvel at the city which still sleeps.

I used to go to bed at five, or later.

To-day I rose at half six and went for a walk.

Why is there emotion?

Thursday, 25 May 2017


I started a new book, titled "Seeking Truth in an Age of Hypocrisy" on the day of my previous post here. It is currently 97 pages and 19000 words long. I am extremely impressed with myself - even after the surprise that has been The Empress and General Morgan, on which I have been working for about a year now (it is now 138 pages and 27323 words - I did not think myself capable of a greater rate).

Monday, 8 May 2017

A Great Many Poppies

The poppies are everywhere, and that makes me happy.

I rose early, and I did not mind.

I went far away for cat food, and I did not mind.

I went for groceries and I did not mind.

I found that which was lost, I replaced the lid on the fish tank, I rescued a pelargonium from a tip.

There was an owl on a shelf, with the label "engineer".

My mother was an engineer. She liked owls.

It now sits on my shelf.

The cats are happy.

The poppies wave in the fields.

To-day I did many things, and I did not mind.

Purpose. Purpose is a powerful thing.

Why am I crying?

Monday, 10 April 2017

Hate Speech Is Free Speech

To-day on the radio there were a few intellectuals discussing the topic of fake news, and it was as disappointing as one would expect.

Several openly espoused the view that it was perfectly acceptable to stamp out "incitement to violence and hate" – the expression was repeated this way several times, with no distinction between violence and hate. The term "neonazism" was also thrown around liberally.

One of them mentioned that there were now filtering algorithms applicable to online content, and that we were very close to a point where they would be capable of accurately targeting "hateful" content. She was quite cheerful with regards to the prospect of seeing such algorithms put in place.

They made the distinction between nameless online outlets and the more prestigious, "trustworthy" press.

This told me what I already suspected but had not yet confirmed: the Portuguese intelligentsia know and say no more than what they are spoon-fed; they are blissfully unaware of the degree to which the mainstream media are biased and controlled by corporate interests.

They believe the great lie: that Trump won the American election due to fake news. They heard of the various unsubstantiated stories circulating through facebook before the election (they mentioned the case of the town in Macedonia numerous times), and genuinely believe that Trump won because of lies, rather than despite them.

They believe the Syrian intervention is an expression of the true Trump, rather than his manipulation at the hands of globalists.

They speak cheerfully of the "verification" efforts undertaken in America with regards to statements produced by politicians and the media, unaware that the institutions conducting these efforts are hopelessly biased toward the globalist left.

They mean well, but are hopelessly misinformed.

The algorithms they mentioned exist already, and are used to suppress dissent. It amazes me that, in a country that lived under a dictatorship until 1974, it didn't even occur to them that this might happen.

They live in the illusion that great corporations are politically impartial.

One of them did quote the platitude that one man's insurgent is another man's liberator, so that was a hopeful sign, but I was left hoping for more.

My country is blissfully unaware of the culture war, and I really hope they'll wake up soon.

All must understand that the solution to bad speech is more and better speech. Ideas that are suppressed fester in the dark.

And if ideas are to be suppressed, someone must decide which ones, and that, to me, is not a worthy gamble. I would much rather live in a world where people are free to say things that I dislike, and where I am free to speak my truth back at them, than in an Orwellian hellscape where an authority can see fit to supress me legally, making certain that my opinions are not heard.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


I had a most peculiar dream. I was in some sort of university-library-type-place, with plenty of sofas and windows, and I met a lovely young lady of nordic stock. I introduced myself by kissing her hand, and woke up...

Thursday, 2 February 2017

The End Of An Era

My grand-aunt, the last of the twelve siblings of which my paternal grand-father was the youngest, has died.